Arm & Leg Warmers



These Mongrel Tasmanis Arm and Leg Warmers are an acquired taste, but once tried you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Our use of Pure Wool means they’ll keep you warm without overheating. They are built with 2 distinctly different ends. One finished with a ribbed cuff and welt, the other is finished with an overlock. Best to try them each way up to find the best fit and look for you, as every arm is different. Can even be worn down to the knuckles, and unlike gloves, you can stay warm without having to take them on and off when you need to use your fingers. You should note that while these are a unisex product, the width and length of the wearers arm will determine where the arm warmer will “naturally” sit. These are a great accessory for active outdoor use.

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